Quarantine Proof Brunch Recipes to Impress While Safe Distancing and Staying at Home

Quarantine Proof Brunch Recipes to Impress While Safe Distancing and Staying at Home

March 26, 2020

March Madness is not what we expected this year. The world is experiencing a deadly flu and coronavirus.
Since we’re stuck at home and goods are becoming scarce, we put together 2 Quarantine-Proof breakfast recipes that’ll impress you, your family, and even your pets. Plus, we’ve got a special deal on Bloody Gerry to keep brunch fun! Place your order today!
Not quite Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen? That's okay we've got your covered in your quest for delicious and Instagram-worthy brunch recipe while staying at home or self quarantining. Try our 1 ingredient super fluffy omelet recipe or our 4 ingredients fluffy moist pancake recipe. We promise you'll be impressed! And as always pair with a Bloody Gerry.
one ingredient super fluffy easy omelet omelette
Separate whites and whip them until they triple in size
Whip the yolks too (separately) Gently fold together and pour the fluff into your oiled and hot pan
Turn off heat, cover with a lid and leave for 4 minutes
If you have cheese, chives, ham, bacon, veggies, then you’re livin’ life. Throw that in!
easy fluffy japanese style moist pancake recipe
Pancake Mix
Pancake Ingredients (typically eggs, water and oil)
Separate egg whites and whip until they triple in size
Mix all ingredients except the egg whites
Gently fold in fluffy egg whites
Pour into hot and buttered pan, flip when bubbles form, smother in more butter and syrup. Enjoy.
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