Our Story

How It Started

In 2012 Gerry and Jenn started dating and Gerry quickly found out to his horror that Jenn hated Bloody Marys. On one sunny Venice afternoon Gerry took it upon himself to try and impress her and somehow managed to get her to try one of his Bloody Gerrys, luckily she became an instant lover of the cocktail. So much so, that when they traveled to Costa Rica they had Bloody Gerry withdrawals! It's all they could think about! Dreaming in the tropical sunshine of all the toppings they would put on their Bloody Gerry. They envisioned a goblet sized cup with bacon, shrimp, celery, pickled asparagus, olives, lemon, lime, and a salted rim, accompanied with Jenns handmaid Italian style breakfast pizza. It was a meal they couldnt wait to get home and make. After feasting on their perfect breakfast meal, Jenn decided it was time to take this mix to the masses. To no longer be selfishly enjoyed by just family and friends but to be shared with Bloody Mary enthusiasts around the world. 

In 2013 Jenn and Gerry became partners in crime, the company Bloody Gerry had officially been born. They've spent years working on their bloody mary brand; brainstorming and designing the label, searching for the perfect bottle that is as high of quality as the ingredients inside.

We are proud to finally bring our vision and unparalleled bloody mary product to you. 


Gerry & Jenn



In the summer of 2011 I experienced my first craft cocktail. It was at Copa dOro in Santa Monica California. The drink was a jalapeno margarita. That one margarita changed my life forever. Already being a home brewer, and having a passion for cooking, I decided that it was time that to live out a fantasy of mine. I started making craft cocktails at home and having tasting parties where I made fresh cocktails for my friends. I knew that I wanted to take on classic recipes and make them my own. So, first I worked on the margarita. 6 months I had trial and error but finally conquered the perfect recipe that my friends and family will swear is the best youll ever have.

Then it was on to my next challenge, a fresh home made Bloody Mary. I started by using simple over the counter mixes, but always found my palette to never truly be satisfied. After a while I decided it was the tomato juice itself. Also I read the ingredients on the side of these mass produced mixes I didnt like seeing that it had high fructose corn syrup and other weird chemical type ingredients I couldnt pronounce. So, I started making my own tomato juice and adding my own spices right from my kitchen cupboard. After years of tweaking and tasting I finally found what pleased me. A savory, peppery, and zesty mix that not only converted my non-bloody mary drinking friends, but excited my friends loyal to this legendary cocktail. I had finally made my original stamp on this legendary mix, and my dear friend Jaqueline said it best, this isnt a Bloody Mary, this is a Bloody Gerry! And so the name and the drink was born.