Our Story

How It Started

Gerry and Jenn Becerril are foodies, artists and world travelers living in Venice, California and sharing their culinary passion with everyone they meet. Gerry’s mixology talents are well known by his friends and family so it was destiny that his most requested cocktail, the bloody mary, expanded beyond their kitchen and manifested into a beverage company. With only a vision to guide them, their mix, aptly named Bloody Gerry, has now won 3 awards at the International SIP Awards in Newport Beach; Double Gold for Best Bloody Mary Mix, Double Gold for Best Michelada Mix and Consumer’s Choice Award!
From serving their bloody mary mix to friends at their Venice Beach brunch parties in 2013, to currently supplying the most successful brunch restaurants in Los Angeles, Gerry and Jenn are proud to offer you their all-natural Bloody Gerry mix to enjoy and share with your loved ones.
Bloody Gerry is made with love using all- natural and mostly California sourced ingredients.
  • Organic California Tomatoes
  • 10 Natural Ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • No sugar or sweeteners
  • No synthetic ingredients
More About Jenn & Gerry
In their spare time they are traveling the world experiencing as much food and culture they can get their hands on.
Favorite Liquor: Anejo
Tequila Tip: When sipping or shooting blanco tequila (or any clear liquor for that matter) try chasing it with a half shot of Bloody Gerry! It's unbelievably delicious!
Favorite Food: Italian & Mexican
Together they’ve traveled to Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Japan, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Thailand, China.
Gerry enjoys making music, playing guitar, cooking, surfing and is an advanced open water scuba diver.
Jenn enjoys cooking, doing Yoga, free dives, laying on the beach (with sunscreen of course!), is a novice glass blower and a candle maker.
Their second favorite cocktail is the margarita. See Gerry’s 5 star margarita mix recipe on All Recipes.
Bloody Gerry is going through the process of becoming USDA Certified Organic! Gerry is also working on the next flavor expansion of Bloody Gerry! We are proud to finally bring our vision and unparalleled bloody mary product to you.
Cheers! Gerry & Jenn
In the summer of 2011 I experienced my first craft cocktail. It was at Copa d’ Oro in Santa Monica California. The drink was a jalapeno margarita and that one margarita changed my life forever. Already being a home brewer, and having a passion for cooking, I decided that it was time that to live out a fantasy of mine. I started making craft cocktails at home and having tasting parties where I made fresh cocktails for my friends. I knew that I wanted to take on classic recipes and make them my own. So, first I worked on the margarita. 6 months of trial and error but I finally mastered the perfect recipe that my friends and family will swear is the best you’ll ever have. Then it was on to my next challenge, a fresh home made Bloody Mary. I started by using simple over the counter mixes, but always found my palette to never truly be satisfied. After a while I decided it was the tomato juice itself. Also I read the ingredients on the side of these mass produced mixes I didn’t like seeing that it had high fructose corn syrup and other weird chemical type ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. So, I started making my own tomato juice and adding my own spices right from my kitchen cupboard. After years of tweaking and tasting I finally found what pleased me. A savory, peppery, and zesty mix that not only converted my non-bloody mary drinking friends, but excited my friends loyal to this legendary cocktail. I had finally made my original stamp on this legendary mix, and my dear friend Jaqueline said it best, this isn’t a Bloody Mary, this is a Bloody Gerry! And so the name and the drink was born.
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