How to Make a Spooky & Festive Haunted Halloween Bloody Mary!

by Jennifer Karp October 25, 2017

Halloween is just around the corner and is quite the occasion for haunted house parties, thus the need for fun drinks and preparedness for recovery the day after.

Bloody Gerry has you covered! We've created the ultimate Spooky Haunted Black and Bloody Mary! Complete with dripping Tapatio Bloody Rim, Bloody Salt and a creepy spider.

Here's how to make it and wow everyone at the party or help them recover the day after! 


  1. Activated Charcoal Capsuls
  2. Bloody Gerry Double Pack
  3. Tito's Vodka
  4. Eggs for the extra naughty deviled eggs
  5. Mayo & Mustard, Salt & Pepper
  6. Can of whole black olives
  7. Tapatio
  8. Red Gel Food Coloring Betty Crocker
  9. Bloody Gerry
  10. Rim Margarita Salt
  11. Lime & Lemon Slices
  12. Celery
bloody mary ingredients toppings bloody gerry best bloody mary how to


    Pour 1 capsule of activated Charcoal into a shaker with 4 oz of Bloody Gerry and 1 and a half shots of vodka, shake and set aside

    Make the deviled eggs using this recipe: Betty Crocker 

    Slice olives in half lengthwise first, then 3 times down the body to make the spiders legs. Chop the top off another olive and put face up on the deviled egg  as seen in the photos.

    Make the Spicy Tapatio Blood, in a bowl combine 3 parts Tapatio, 1 part red food coloring gel and mix. A little goes a long way.


    Rim your glass with lime & salt

    Drizzle your bloody spicy Tapatio on the rim

    Fill glass 3/4 with ice 

    Add celery stick

    Add a few cubes of ice to the shaker and shake for a few seconds

    Pour Spooky Haunted Black & Bloody Gerry Bloody Mary Mix into glass

    Add Lemon & Lime slices and drizzle more bloody spicy tapatio across those too. The more blood the better!

    Using toothpicks cross hatched between the body of the spider deviled egg rest it on top of the lemon and lime slices and use additional tooth picks for support from the celery stalk under the poison spider deviled eggs.

    delicious spicy bloody mary ingredients how to bloody mary mix

    Sip and ahhhhh!




    Jennifer Karp
    Jennifer Karp


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