bloody mary recipe from scratch


June 08, 2020


This is a 3 part completely-from-scratch delicious bloody mary recipe. Start by cooking the tomato base, then blending the bloody mary mix, and finally creating your bloody mary cocktail.

If you want to skip making the tomato base, and the bloody mary mix, we understand, in that case, order Bloody Gerry here and continue reading. 
best bloody mary mix bloody gerry


Start by creating the highest quality tomato base from scratch. You'll need 20-30 ripe organic medium to large tomato variety.

1. Score the tomatoes then boil them for 1 minute and chill in an ice bath.
2. Peel the skin off each tomato then slice in quarters and remove the seeds (the guts).
3. Place the tomatoes in a large pot and cook for 30 on medium-low heat and stir occasionally.
4. When all contents have become soft use an immersion blender to blend everything together and then continue cooking for 3 hours to reduce to a thicker sauce- like consistency.


Once you achieve the ideal thickness of your tomato base, pour it into a pitcher and add the classic bloody mary ingredients:
Citrus juices (~ 1 cup)
Worcestershire (~1/4 cup)
Horseradish (~1 teaspoon)
Salt & pepper (lots!) and any other special spices or sauces that tickle your fancy.
Do not skimp on properly seasoning your mix, keep tasting and adding more of anything you feel it's missing. If you start with a high-quality tomato base to create your bloody mary mix then your experience should be phenomenal. Continue reading to learn how to shake up the perfect bloody mary cocktail.bloody mary recipe best bloody mary mix bloody gerry


You’re typically trying to recover from a hangover with some hair of the dog, not the whole dog. Take it easy with the alcohol. The vodka should sit in harmony with the rest of the drink, not overpower it. 
  1. Salt Rim of a Pint Glass or your favorite ~16 oz cocktail glass (get our brunch glass here!)
  2. Fill shaker with 1-2 scoops/handfulls of ice Pour 1 shot of vodka (1.75 oz.) We prefer Tito’sbest bloody mary mix bloody gerry
  3. Pour 5.5 oz. of Bloody Gerry into the shaker Swirl and pour into your salted glass
  4. Add the classic stalk of celery
  5. Additional recommended garnishes; bacon, shrimp, pickled asparagus, Pernicious Pickling Co. Lean n Mean Green Beans, and as many types of olives and cheeses that are in your fridge.


Gerry & Jenn
best bloody mary mix bloody gerry

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