5 Reasons Why Bloody Gerry Is Your Soulmate

5 Reasons Why Bloody Gerry Is Your Soulmate

September 15, 2017


Breakups are hard, but sometimes they’re necessary for you to live your best life. And the same goes for your Bloody Mary! Like a toxic boyfriend or girlfriend, a not-so-great Bloody Mary mix can not only be unhealthy, but a straight up bad time. It’s time to dump that lazy old mix and give Bloody Gerry a chance to win over your heart!

 1. Only the best for my main squeeze!

Not to bash those other guys, but did you know that most mass produced Bloody Mary mixes are made with high fructose corn syrup and have a ton of sugar added? Don’t worry baby, I’m made with all-natural ingredients that you can find right in your kitchen.

2. We’ll be living in balanced bliss!

I’m the perfect blend of savor and zest without being too overpowering. You’ll never have to utter the words ‘this is too spicy’ or ‘this tastes like tomato flavored water’ ever again with me by your side.

3. Tomatoes are my favorite too!

I always choose the best organic tomatoes to give you the rich yet refreshing taste that you absolutely deserve. No ketchup tasting drinks for you my dear!

4. I’m a product of love!

My parents searched far and wide for the perfect ingredients while my mom made sure to show me off every chance she got. Together, we’re a tight knit unit that would love to welcome you to our family

5. Wherever you go I’ll go too!

Brunch? Let’s go! Housewarming party? Hell yeah! A day at the pool? Count me in! I’m perfect for any time of the day and I’m sure to be a hit with your friends and your parents!


What are you waiting for? Give Bloody Gerry a shot today! Click HERE to order!



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