St. Patrick's Day Bloody Mary

by Jennifer Karp March 15, 2016

BLOODY MARY: Saint Patrick's Day Style

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Here at Bloody Gerry headquarters (our living room) we're receiving inquiries (txts from friends) as to what event we'll be hosting for St. Patty's Day. It goes something like this; “How many green micheladas will we be drinking for St. Patty’s Day?!”. Contrary to our friends’ desires for dyed green beverages, we prefer a simple Bloody Gerry minus the green dye. This is not just because we’re trying to be classy adults, this is basic color wheel knowledge, green plus red equals poo brown. No one wants to drink a poo brown beverage, and we are sure as hell not getting green tomatoes and trying to recreate the Bloody Gerry recipe in green.

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Thursday this year so we won’t be getting all turnt up. What we are doing is creating a simple and festive Bloody Mary that will look and taste delicious.


First things first, you need a ton of green toppings.

Here’s a list

  1. Olives (as many types as you like)
  2. Celery
  3. Pickled Green Beans
  4. Pickled Asparagus
  5. Limes
  6. Block of White Cheese
  7. Green Food Coloring


For the toppings: get a skewer, we use these cocktail swords at home but a toothpick will work just fine.


To assemble, first cut the cheese (ha) into little ½ inch squares. Cut 1 per beverage you plan to drink, so 10 squares should suffice.

Put 3 drops of your green food coloring into a ziplock bag, throw the cheese cubes into the bag and shake until covered.


Now assemble all the toppings (except the celery and green bean) onto the skewer.

Place the pickled green bean between the groove of the celery and set aside.


Grab a tall glass and let’s get started.

Drag a lime across the rim, salt the rim, fill to the top with ice.

Pour 1 shot of vodka add the celery with pickled green bean and fill the rest of the glass with your Bloody Gerry mix. Then place your toppings gently on the top of the glass.

Garnish with a 4 leaf clover and enjoy!




Jennifer Karp
Jennifer Karp


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Donna calipetro
Donna calipetro

January 21, 2017

Is Bloody Gerry gluten free?

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