Spicy Bloody Mary Gift Set, Bloody Gerry, Lizano Tabasco Hot Sauce and Habanero Sea Salt

Bloody Gerry


Are you bored with the typical Vinegar Tabasco Hot Sauce in your Bloody Marys? Then turn up the heat! This Spicy Bloody Gerry Gift Set is perfect for the hot sauce enthusiast that desires heat without compromising on flavor. Our Habanero Sea Salt kicks up the heat and gives an amazing habanero chili pepper flavor to all cocktails. Our Lizano Tabasco Hot Sauce is exceptionally rare and has a robust flavor without any watery vinegar taste. Anyone who's been to Costa Rica and has tried this hot sauce knows it's almost impossible to get in the United States, until now. Use both the Lizano Tabasco and Habanero Sea Salt on your Bloody Gerry to create the most delicious spicy bloody mary and spicy michelada. Add Bloody Gerry's Habanero Sea Salt to spicy margaritas, palomas and more. Don't limit your spicy ambitions to just cocktails, add these heat accents to transform foods from bland to exciting.

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