Bloody Gerry Lizano Tabasco Hot Sauce

Bloody Gerry

Lizano Tabasco Hot Sauce

from Costa Rica

Authentic Flavor, No Vinegar

Lizano Tabasco uses ripe red tabasco peppers to create a robust and flavorful unique hot sauce. No vinegar added so you only taste the richest flavor of these delicious peppers. This is a powerful and spicy hot sauce that no other tabasco compares to. We recommend you try on ceviche, huevos rancheros, tacos, burritos, pizza and many more dishes that need a kick of heat and flavor.

Authentic Flavor from Costa Rica

If you've ever traveled to Costa Rica and enjoyed their hot sauce and salsas then you know how hard to find this hot sauce is! Order today! This makes an awesome gift for the hot sauce lover! FAST SHIPPING from Los Angeles, CA

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