Wholesale Bloody Mary Mix, 1 Case of Bloody Gerry

Bloody Gerry


Wholesale Bloody Mary Mix by Bloody Gerry, 3x award-winning, all-natural mix.

  • Fresh All-Natural Ingredients
  • Shelf Stable for 1.5 years (pasteurized)
  • Good for 3 weeks after opening
  • Great for bars and restaurants as well as retail stores

Stop mixing tons of ingredients, running out of mix, and dumping mix that's gone bad. Bloody Gerry's wholesale case of bloody mary and michelada mix for bars and restaurants can take care of it for you. Get LA's most popular bars, restaurants and brunch spots are serving.

Order a case (12 bottles) of Bloody Gerry today. Shipping and Handling applies.

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For free shipping forever, recommend us a distributor you currently order from and we'll contact them to get you a case and get us a distributor! email jenn@bloodygerry.com 

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