Lizano Tabasco Hot Sauce from Costa Rica

Bloody Gerry


This hard-to-find Lizano Tabasco Hot Sauce is now available to fans in the US! We first discovered this delicious and spicy hot sauce on a trip to Costa Rica and could not get enough of it. It's not at all like the watery, vinegar forward hot sauce commonly on tables in the US. If you're ready for a thicker, more flavorful and spicier tabasco pepper hot sauce then give this a try, you won't be disappointed!

Add Lizano Tabasco hot sauce to pizza, tacos, ceviche (our favorite) and more for a big kick of heat and flavor. Its powerful, savory, fresh, and thick consistency are perfectly balance to give amazing flavor to your meals with a big punch of heat.

Lizano Tabasco is considered a chile forward hot sauce, not vinegary, not watery, this hot sauce Is thick, very spicy, and flavorful!


🔥  Heat Scale 🌶️ 3.5/5


Type: Unknown Type

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